Monday, October 21, 2013

Today's 503.

I actually got one out on time, try not to look so shocked.

In the Facebook post I made to the comic's group about it, I linked the TVTropes article for "Put On A Bus." That's kinda what I'm doing with Shellie now. I feel like the character has a lot of potential, but I haven't been able to realize most of it.

Part of it's because other characters are just bursting with potential. Saffron's going to play a key role in the next chapter, being the center of the characters' resistance to a Very Bad Thing in "The 503rd Oregon (The Left Must Hold)." Tina's going to be one of the key players in the chapter after that, "Five-Oh Fantasy Three." Seymour is going to take center stage when the group eventually starts a clan in Online Moon Game. The Aussies are going to go on vacation here soon, and that's going to be a big plot.

But I do regret the way I wrote Shellie. She was dropped in the strip with a whole load of potential (that Rubik's Cube strip was a really good character intro), then kinda forgotten for a bit and then I developed her relationship with Phil on the quick just so I could turn around and end it. It's kind of a shame, but I suppose real life is like that - we invest a bunch of energy into personal relationships just to see them end out of nowhere. So while it's realistic, it's not really satisfying.

I'd like to bring her back at some point. I'm not entirely sure how, and I don't want to do anything drastic or unrealistic to make it happen. She'll be one of those characters, like Tanya, that I really want to use but I've kinda trapped somewhere that isn't Portland. She'll have a chance for a cameo in the next chapter, but after that it'll probably be a while before we see her again.

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