Thursday, October 17, 2013


You'd think that a party that's all about personal responsibility and hard work would take more responsibility for the now-concluded shutdown and work harder at their jobs.

Anyway, shutdown's over. The Senate stepped in and made it all better, and Boehner passed the Senate bill with Democratic votes. Nebraskans, you can be pleasantly surprised that our normally brainless, spineless Congressional delegation voted to a man to reopen the government. Across the border in South Dakota, Senator Kristi Noem didn't.

Obama's taking this unmitigated victory and trying to build on the momentum by passing a regular annual budget. This used to be the done thing until the Tea Party got angry at the scary black man in the White House, but since the Republicans were just pretending to give a shit about compromise, they'll be hard-pressed to refuse this offer.

I don't know if the Tea Party fever's broken, but it seems that way. I'm seeing even Republicans griping about those fucks now. There may yet be hope.

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  1. Huzzah, an end to the nonsense may actually happen in the not so distant future