Friday, October 11, 2013


More on the impending Republican crackup:

-Big Business is going to declare war on the Tea Party. This makes a whole bunch of sense, from a perspective of rational self-interest. A government shutdown, and certainly a debt default, does not suit their interests. Besides throwing a shitload of people out of work, it would also lose business a lot of money.

-John McCain is fretting about the coming civil war. He'll be one of the vanguards against the Tea Party, though. His primary interest is the military, and you can't give it insanely huge budgets if you want to eliminate all taxes ever. He's Republican establishment, and he'll be happy to join with Big Business to squelch the Tea Party... if he has to.

We should remember that this mess is at least partly his fault, though. He's the one that introduced Sarah Palin to a national stage, and the tea parties adopted her as their patron saint in the beginning.

The fever's gonna break. Keep the pressure on, Obama. The longer you let them stew in their own mess, the bloodier their civil war will be, and the more the Democratic Party will be able to shape the future to become a progressive one.

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