Thursday, October 10, 2013


Nothing much new to report.

Heritage Action, who back Ted Cruz' crazy-go-nuts efforts on repealing Obamacare at the expense of sensible tactics from a Republican POV, have come out swinging for passing a debt limit increase, in order to "keep attention on Obamacare." This is the first gasp of sanity I've heard from these guys, although it comes in the context of an intra-GOP war over linking or not linking the shutdown and debt ceiling. They're advocating a debt limit hike in order to throw sand in the face of the moderates, who've adopted that position to increase their bargaining power.

I don't care what crazyman reasons they come up with to justify it, so long as a debt limit hike happens. The shutdown is a nuisance, but a debt default would be a new Great Depression.

Also, the Republican Party's popularity has reached a historical low because of the shutdown. The Dems are already salivating about a House takeover in 2014 on Facebook, so it shouldn't be long now. The Republican factions are already negotiating separately with the administration, and both Democratic goals (avoid a debt default, reopen government) can probably be realized without conceding anything substantial to either of them.

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