Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sometimes the religious extremists in the Middle East are our allies.

And sometimes the victims are Christians.

Really, Israel? We give you the best military equipment in the world, so you can prevail against an entire region that hates you, and you repay us by attacking Christian dead? Not to sound like a fundie here, but you do realize that the bulk of the tax dollars being handed to you came from Christians, right? And you do realize that the Arab Christians are not the ones attacking you, yes?

If this isn't an isolated incident that's dealt with quickly and convincingly, one day the fundie idiots in our country that make sure that nobody can publically support Palestinian human rights here and get elected will give up their delusional fantasies about the Rapture, wake up to their demographics' true interests in the Middle East, and yank your aid over your toleration of anti-Christian bigotry.

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