Monday, October 21, 2013

Midterm grades.

So I re-figured out the MyCSC thingiething just to look at my midterm grades, and I discovered that only one of my professors bothered to put in a grade, and that grade was wrong.

I'm officially pulling a B in my Intro to Graduate Studies class, but this is only because I hadn't done any quizzes yet (the quizzes can be taken and retaken anytime before the end of the semester, so everyone's slacking off on them). I did a bunch of them last night, and got perfect marks for all but one of them after a couple of retakes. Ignoring the quizzes, my own calculation of my grades suggests an A. So I'm not too worried about that class.

I stopped in and chatted with Dr. Smith, and he assures me I'm pulling either an A or B in HIST 610. I missed one assignment, got a 90% for one assignment, and the rest were 100%. The big assignments are still coming up, but especially in this course I think I've got it under control. I talked with him about my coming literature review, and I picked a pretty ambitious topic, but one I think I could do quite well with.

I emailed Dr. King and apparently I'm getting an A in my Educational Philosophy course.

So if I'm getting 2 As and 1 either A or B (we'll split the difference) then my GPA is 3.83. If for some reason I'm mistaken about the Intro to Graduate Studies course, and I'm pulling a B in HIST 610, then I'm still pulling a 3.33 GPA.

So... worst case scenario, I'll be able to get and keep at least the 3.25 GPA necessary to be fully admitted to CSC's graduate school. (I'm only provisionally admitted right now.) But I need to do better than that. I need a strong enough GPA to be able to absorb a truly crap semester sometime down the road, if necessary. I need to get straight As, if at all possible.

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