Thursday, October 10, 2013

I don't really buy Android apps...

...but I will definitely rethink that policy if this happens.

Final Fantasy VI is the best video game of all time. Nothing is better than it. Not Minecraft, not Civ, not any of the other Final Fantasies. It is probably the first time that a video game could be treated the same way as fine literature. It maxed out the processing power of the Super Nintendo. Its music score has been performed in real opera halls in Europe. I realize that a lot of people might disagree, but video game critics generally do consider it among the top ten, even today. I mean, hell, a major national political magazine just treated the latest re-release as a newsworthy item.

There's gonna be an upcoming chapter of The 503 called "Five-Oh Fantasy Three" that's gonna make a ton of references to this game.

Fuck... now I wanna listen to the main theme from it. For those not in the know... I'm talking about this:

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