Saturday, October 5, 2013


I've kept up on the shutdown. My standard news source is Time, but the two best sites I've been reading lately for coverage are Slate and Mother Jones.

So here's a recap of what I've been reading. First off, the Democratic Party has become a lot more ideologically liberal. Republican redistricting has eliminated a lot of swing seats, and the Blue Dogs that used to give Dubya whatever he wanted just don't exist anymore. That's one of the reasons the Democrats are standing up to a man against the Republicans.

Secondly, if you still don't understand the whole government shutdown thing, this is everything you need to know in ten sentences.

Finally, we don't just have the shutdown to worry about. Sometime around the middle of this month, we'll hit the debt ceiling. If the government is still shut down by then, Obama's going to have some tough choices to make. Time explains them pretty well. I still say he should mint the fuckin' coin.

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