Wednesday, October 30, 2013

As if you didn't need any other reason to get the hell off of Facebook...

Facebook's gonna start tracking your cursor movements.

I wanna reiterate what I've said plenty of times before: Facebook is a soul-sucking productivity killer that's making money off of you that you could be making for yourself. Stop checking Facebook and get a blog instead. All the shit you post on Facebook, post it on your blog. Get your friends to do this too, and follow their blogs if you like what they have to say.

After you make thirty posts, you can sign up with Project Wonderful. I mean, you can start with Google Adsense immediately, and if you're worried your blog's gonna have almost no traffic, that might be a better route... but it'll take forever for Adsense to pay out, because you have to make at least $100. With PW, you only have to make $10, and you get to keep a much bigger chunk of the revenue. Furthermore, you'll be helping fellow creative people promote their own projects, instead of whatever company that's probably not even terribly relevant to whatever you're doing. And if you're getting around 50-100 hits every day, you'll make something with it.

I swore I'd quit Facebook, and I've been trying to. It keeps sucking me back, mainly because it's an effective communication platform, and the easiest way to get ahold of a lot of people I know. But I also get sucked back because there's people on there that I miss and they need to make a blog already so I can swear off that haven of filth and status reposts forever.


  1. Perhaps, you should find another way to advocate this to the facebook folks.

  2. Also, does your girlfriend have a blog? I'd love to read it & get to know her better, since she's important to you.

  3. Hey if you didn't notice I finally got my own blog, so there is one more person you don't have to go to Facebook for.

  4. Draya's blog is on my sidebar, but here's the link for it:

    And I clicked on your link, Thyme, but it just takes me to your profile, which is private. Could you post a link to your blog?