Monday, October 7, 2013

How my days go, Part 2.

I've been waiting all. Fucking. Day. for this professor to get out of class and get back from lunch so I can ask him the one question that I need to ask. And of course, a student shows up the very fucking moment he's available. And of course, that student gabs on and on and on, about stuff completely unrelated to his course.

So I spent half an hour pacing outside his office, waiting for Chatty Cathy to fuck in an offward direction. Finally I decide "fuck it, this'll be the day I stop giving a damn and start playing Civ at work" and then, naturally, ten seconds later, Chatty Cathy hoofs it down the hall, turns into my office, and is like "I'm done, if you needed to talk to him," acting like his bullshit wasn't even a thing. Son of a bitch.

I might as well not have even come in today! Most of my time here has been a complete and utter waste, or at least nothing I couldn't have done at home.


  1. You need to spend more time rocking beyond reality. Got some new tunes.

  2. Yes, yes I do. Didn't expect you to be the one saying so.