Sunday, December 1, 2013

Jingle hell.

My very first Black Friday happened on Thanksgiving.

To be fair, my Thanksgiving was already ruined. I was moving across town that day; I didn't have access to a U-Haul or a truck yet so we were taking loads in my car (we did get that thing working, and we even named it: "Stormy," because every other name suggested by a powder-blue car is, well, "precious") and those loads generally involved a bookcase sticking out of the trunk and bookshelves arranged in order in tubs and boxes weighing down the backseat. Draya would be in the backseat where what little room remained, making sure the bookcase didn't fly out into the street. It was a day from hell; we had expended a lot of effort and most of the house remained to be moved when we were done.

It was in that frame of mind that I trudged off with Nate to Walmart to hopefully buy an Xbox 360 for $100 during Black "Friday" on Thanksgiving.

I didn't like the idea of Black Friday already; as a supporter of working stiffs everywhere I really didn't like the idea of a bunch of poor bastards having to cut short their Thanksgiving for this bullshit. But, like most people there, I just couldn't resist the deal.

I wanted an Xbox 360 for one reason only: Minecraft. I have a computer, a pretty good one actually, but I usually run like fifty things on it, and my browser has about thirty tabs open at any given moment. I know Minecraft takes a lot of memory. There's no hope, between whatever assignment I have open, whatever strip I've got open in both MS Paint and Paint.NET, Windows Media Player, Windows Live Mail, and a plethora of tabs for the comic (and its vital stats), whatever recipes I looked up, CyberNations, the forums I go to, and whoever I'm talking to on Facebook, for Minecraft to ever run properly on my computer.

I was considering sinking $300 into a desktop whose sole purpose would be as a Minecraft box for myself and Draya, but when I heard about the Xbox deal, I figured I'd just do that. A $100 Xbox 360 plus a $15 Minecraft game would be much cheaper than $300. Granted, the Xbox version has a limited world size and less stuff to build with it, but I've already got a half-built underground Babylon in a file on my ex-roomie's Xbox 360 so it'd be okay.

And then the crowds. They set it up this year so you'd have to get in line, and in front of me in line was this geriatric avatar of Hell that spent the entire half-hour I was in line bragging that she had the last Xbox because the Walmart employees told her so, and we were all wasting our time. Now, Walmart had a one-hour same price guarantee wherein, if it went out of stock, we'd get a voucher so we could buy it for the Black Friday price. So I stayed in line and endured that, just to hear the dude say "The rule is 'until supplies last' for Xbox 360s."

Which made that ancient hobgoblin right, which made her bragging all the worse. I hope she ends up being the person they aim those LifeAlert "I've fallen and I can't get up!" commercials at. I hope the nursing home workers make her food slightly more terrible than everyone else's. I hope her children only call when they need money.

I was not a happy camper.

Anyway, I came home that night to a half-empty house and a Thanksgiving lasagna, processed in whichever circle of Hell that Great Value outsourced their lasagna factories. It was edible, but without a doubt the worst lasagna I ever had in my life.

But Draya was with me... so that shitty, terrible day forged in Satan's nutsack ended up being okay in the end.

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