Monday, November 4, 2013

An interesting fact I learned today.

I'm taking a break from writing my paper on the Lost Cause theory of the American Civil War to write about another lost cause.

Because you all just lost.

You're also now blinking and breathing manually, you're now suddenly aware of the weight of your tongue in your mouth and that there's no real good place for it, and some part of your body itches really bad and you must scratch it now.

Probably the thing I'll miss most after I move is dropping a convobomb on my roomie and seeing him stop whatever he's doing to shout "FUCK YOU STU!" Last night he even threw a pen or something at me. Good times.


  1. Gee, someone's hemorrhaging hemoglobin from the nethers...

    Love you too. <3

  2. But...I just said those four words in sequence...twice....

  3. Say them again and pay attention to what it sounds like you're saying.

  4. "I lost The Game."

    It's meant to trick people into saying that.