Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Vote beyond reality.

It appears that Nebraska may not be completely lost to the forces of progressivism after all.

We've got constitutional amendments for both medical marijuana and full-on legalization on the ballot in 2014. And believe it or not, I'm pretty confident that they'll both pass.


Remember, this is an agricultural state. The legalization amendment mentions not just weed, but also hemp. This state could make a killing from hemp farming, especially east of the 100th meridian. Hemp can grow on marginal land that other crops can't, and is worth a whole pile of money. So basically, we could turn over land that's currently making us a couple bucks growing grass for cattle into hemp farms, and our ranchers-cum-farmers would see a pile of money as a result.

I think this issue has been detoxified enough to happen. It's actually bipartisan - a majority of both parties support it. It's happening across the border in Colorado already, and the world has failed to end. Legalizing it here would reduce the headache, and the cops probably wouldn't mind being able to switch their focus to destructive drugs, especially meth. And it's a great way to boost state revenues without raising taxes, especially the hemp provisions.

God yes. I can't advocate for the passage of these two bills enough. We need to make this a weed-friendly state ASAP. It's a foregone conclusion that marijuana will be legalized nationally within two decades. What's being decided right now is what states are going to play host to an established and legalized marijuana industry first. The way some of my friends talk about "California medical" and "Colorado medical" as high-grade, desirable commodities, they could be talking about "Nebraska kush" in future. When marijuana's legalized everywhere, if we're one of the first states to legalize it, we could have already established an export industry with a reputation for quality, the way Colorado and California already have. That doesn't just mean jollies for stoners - that means jobs and a future for our struggling rural areas.


  1. Your picture is wrong. Just thought I'd point out that Medical Marijuana is perfectly legal in Maine. Also, one of our cities just voted on completely legalizing it there.

  2. It's not wrong, the picture indicates that both medical marijuana and decriminalization are the law there.

    And yes, I'm happy to hear that Portland legalized it. All the more reason to come and visit, lol.

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  4. I see that now, I misread the demographic. Also, I'm glad something is motivating you to come see your niece lol

  5. I've been meaning to for a while. Kinda hard without a car, but that's gonna be rectified here soon. If everything goes as planned, it might be as early as this summer. :)

  6. That is very chill. I hope your car plans pan out.