Wednesday, November 13, 2013

White supremacist chucklefucks in North Dakota, and all that entails.

It's a big dustup up North Dakota way: this tiny town called Leith has been chosen by a racist organization as a place to settle, in hopes of taking over the local government. And ever since this shit started, it's been a nonstop chuckle factory. What to talk about first? How the racists got shown up when a bunch of Lakota grandmothers stole their Nazi flag and burned it?

Or maybe how their leader is 1/8th black? I shit you not. Apparently Craig Cobb, the guy leading this schiesse-on-wheels, is in denial at the results, and wants a "more reputable" DNA company to test him. When that inevitably happens and he sees the results, it sounds like he won't change his mind, he'll just become a "border guard for people more pure than I," at least according to the article.

What a pathetic joke. Reminds me of this Dave Chappelle skit I saw once.


  1. Yeah, we've got some of those people around here, too. They used to write to the paper on occasion. We once ripped one of their posters off a telephone pole....

  2. I have got to say that those Lakota grandmothers just made my night