Monday, September 30, 2013

Oh, one more thing.

New comic's up today.

They've been at a bar for the past few strips, but this is a new scene. It's one of those strips that tells the story through subtle details, through the art. And Saffron's really adorable in it.

This is also the end of my buffer. I've already cut a bargain of sorts with my readers to just not update on Wednesdays for a while, so the next one's due up on Friday. I'm gonna go down to the Jolly Swagman Bean Broker now and try to get a couple more in the buffer.

One final thought: I've only had Facebook removed from my bookmarks for a few hours and I already feel a lot more productive. I even caught myself mindlessly browsing and instinctively going to where the bookmark used to be. This is gonna free up so much time; I should've started blogging earlier.

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