Monday, September 30, 2013

Back to blogging.

It's all kinda familiar, and yet a bit disconcerting.

This was prompted because I finally got sick enough of Facebook. I got sick of people I can't unfriend posting shit I can't tolerate, sick of being exploited instead of making a few bucks by running my own ads by the things I say, sick of the constant game requests, sick of the complete and utter timesink it has become, sick of every damn thing on there.

I'm not too sure about the blog title yet. I may switch it out; I haven't decided yet. For what it's worth, "no regrets when the worms come" is a line from this song:

For that matter, I'm not sold on the background either. It's a retouched version of the background I had on my old Myspace (remember that?) crammed into 300kb because that's all Blogger allows. I played with other backgrounds - one with the night sky, one that was a picture I took on the way back from Rapid City one evening. Nothing jumps out and says "I MUST BE YOUR BACKGROUND."

So everything's kinda touch and go. I don't know what this space is gonna look like in a few days, but I'm sure I'll muddle through somehow.


  1. so, no wordpress? why did you choose to go with google?

  2. I was all set to go with Wordpress, and honestly their software is the best. But I'd have to download it and host it on a different server, and that's just a pain, and money I don't have.

    Why? Because doesn't allow Java. And I need Java for the Project Wonderful ads I plan on having here once I've hit 30 posts. Blogger does allow it, though.

    So it was dictated by the almighty dollar in the end. First post and I've already sold out to the Man, lol.

  3. may not, but does. I have two Project Wonderful ad boxes. :)

  4. Well yeah, but that involves downloading and hosting. And hosting requires cash.

    I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. I was able to get rid of all the Blogger-specific crap (except for those images, apparently) and I'm now going to figure out how to get rid of those images too.

  5. Blogger also makes it pretty easy to set up Google Analytics and Statcounter, so you can see who's checking you out.

  6. Their built-in tool's pretty good for that too.

  7. The built-in stat checker doesn't tell you which are just bots, or exact locations, IPs, or detailed long-term results. Analytics and Statcounter are free and give you lots of info. If you want it, of course.

  8. I use Statcounter for The 503 and it's pretty thorough, but eh. If Comic Dish had had a built-in stat tracker I'd have used that instead.

    Maybe if I find that the Google results are wildly off, I might give SC a go here too. But I can't imagine Google's would be so terrible. Plus Google lets me break it down by hour... which is really useful.